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“Barb has an amazing ability to roll with the obstacles in the teams that she collaborates with what might put in her way. She never takes the churn as personal and is able to just keep her head down and plow through the barriers to keep work going while delivering high quality. She brings humor to the workplace while maintaining respect for all of her colleagues. If you're dealing with complex systems or difficult stakeholders, you won't go wrong by adding Barb to your team.”

"Barb is an all-around design powerhouse, well-versed, and well-practiced in human-centered design. She's a team-player through and through, a strong advocate for balancing business and user needs, and brings with her a positive attitude and work ethic that's rare to find. She tells it like it is, and is always ready with a solution, which I truly appreciated about working with her."

Dan Kim, Sr. Manager of Interaction Design at HCSC

“Barb is an excellent designer who consistently delivers quality work in a timely manner. Barb is creative and knowledgeable. She works well independently, and also is a dedicated team player.”

“Barb is a talented designer who blends her gift of creativity with her strong sense of financial responsibility. She goes above and beyond to integrate client need and user experience in an effort to drive mutually beneficial results. Barb always follows process, she continually has her eyes on improvement opportunities, she’s a clear communicator visually and in words…plus, she’s just all around wonderful to work with!”

Leslie Haley, Experienced Marketing Leader

“I looked to Barb for expert advice and guidance with regards to Web related aspects of projects, along with other challenges, such as people management and project scoping. We had collaborated together on a number of projects, including many that were highly technical. Her contributions served highly beneficial to mine, other team members’ professional development, and to our department, which also aided heavily towards meeting aggressive goals set by our clients. An example of this her involvement and leadership of the web team that was responsible for the successful migration of hundreds of pages from one web platform to another. One thing that always impressed me about Barb (aside from her professional expertise) is how she is able to wear so many hats within her role as a manager. I don’t know how she managed to do it—but she did.”

Nicolette Caldwell, Cross-Functional and Leadership at Grainger

“I know Barb as one of the most talented and dedicated professionals. She has a penchant for creative designing and passion towards her work. We collaborated in numerous occasions and she has always been a great team player who understands different disciplines to perform her tasks to perfection. She never left any leaf unturned and was is very vocal about her views which also helped the team. I will highly recommend Barb for any creative or UX works.”

Pavan Baruri, Director, Core Services at Foot Locker

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